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Organised Summer football in the Vale of Clwyd began in 1926, and apart for a break during the 2nd World War, has continued up to the present day. Although never officially sanctioned by the Football Association of Wales, the Summer League has provided countless thousands of young men with the opportunity of playing soccer for their local village team.

One of the main rules of the League which makes it different from most other football institutions is that players have to reside within a prescribed boundary for that club; historically other Summer Leagues have come and gone but they never had that residential rule. We believe that the longevity of the league is generally due to this rule even though demographic problems abound and have forced some villages to merge to survive.

The League runs from mid April to the end of July and the matches are played on Monday and Thursday evenings. 

Currently the League contains eleven teams all located in the Vale of Clwyd, except Caerwys and Ysceifiog in the Flintshire hills.